Our Services

Sound Community Management is a full-service Association management company dedicated to helping Associations operate in an efficient and responsive manner. Professional management is an important component of a desirable Association. A well-managed and maintained Association protects and enhances property values.

Our services may be tailored to your Association’s specific needs, as not every association is the same. Examples include the following.

Our Standard Services

  • Pay Association Expenses
  • Process mail & other correspondence related to the Association
  • Prepare & send statements
  • Maintain accounting records
  • Receive & process payments from owners
  • Reconcile all bank accounts
  • Fund reserve account according to the approved budget
  • Prepare financial statements for Board meetings which shall include but are not limited to Balance Sheet, Income & Expense Sheet, Aging Delinquency, Aged
  • Payables, Bank Statements & Reconciliation
  • Monthly on-site visits to monitor compliance of the governing documents and vendor performance
  • Prepare & send appropriate notices for non-compliance issues in accordance with the Associations Fine Policy & other governing documents
  • Facilitate/Execute collection of delinquent assessments in accordance to the Associations Collection Policy
  • Work with legal counsel when necessary for collections or any other legal counsel necessary
  • Prepare for meetings including but not limited to Board Meetings, Annual Meetings, Special Meeting, Budget Meetings, etc.
  • Attend Board Meetings
  • Prepare Annual Budget
  • Prepare Board packets that shall include financial reports, agenda an any other material necessary to conduct the meeting no less than 2 business days prior to the meeting
  • Prepare & mail appropriate notices & meeting packets for the communities Annual Meeting
  • Coordinate maintenance of the Common Area & Limited Common Area
  • Coordinate & monitor appropriate insurance coverage for the Association
  • Prepare email bulletins as needed to communicate with the community
  • Work with vendors to schedule maintenance of the Association
  • Oversee vendors ensure work is performed in accordance to the contract
  • Coordinate the maintenance of a web portal
  • Point of contact for Owners
  • Liaison for Title Companies, Vendors, Real Estate Agents
  • Maintain a 24-hour emergency phone service to address situations

Operational Management

Our operational management program offers comprehensive Association operational assistance and can be divided into Site Management, Board Advisor/Partner, and Administrative Management.

In every assignment, our goal is to assist the Association in maintaining its physical property, enhancing lifestyles and protecting each owner’s investment. Successful management of Associations is a full-time specialization, calling for training, experience, and an understanding of the laws affecting Associations.

Contractor Management

We can manage or hire high quality and value-oriented maintenance providers as your Association requires.

We will always work diligently to minimize your costs, which includes obtaining competitive bids for routine maintenance items like landscaping and snow removal, as well as, expensive capital maintenance projects. After we’ve collected the bids, we will make a recommendation based on the cost, qualification and reputation of the contractor. Of course, the final decision will be made by the Board of Directors.

Financial Management

Sound Community Management provides a reliable, complete financial management program that can provide simplified guidelines for Board members to operate a quality budgetary process year after year. We supply comprehensive financial reports on a monthly and accumulated basis highlighting account balances, operating and reserve budgetary status, supported with detail on all related transactions.

Additionally, Sound Community Management will process all Association fee collections and work with the Board appointed CPA to prepare and file your Association’s annual tax returns as required. Our financial management program offers Associations efficient handling of funds and the knowledge that your records are being properly maintained.

Maintenance Management

Sound Community Management recognizes that certain physical components of the Association’s property require routine services and resulting supervision. We will assist your Association, through the Board of Directors, in determining the ongoing maintenance needs of the Association and establishing programs to meet those needs within the allowed budget.

Administrative Management

We are the main point of contact for the association to submit annual reports, maintain association records, assemble and distribute pertinent communication and correspondence, assist with insurance review and placement, work with the community to resolve disputes/complaints/violations per the rules and regulations, provide guidance to the board of directors and committees, prepare necessary disclosure documents for sale/refinance transactions, We also have a staff member available 24/7 to take care of association emergency needs.

Project Management

Reserve projects or capital projects require a competitive bidding process. We work with the Association in preparation of bid specifications for significant services and projects. We provide guidance and counsel regarding bid review and contractor selection. Once a contractor is selected and the bid is approved by the Board we have the professional experience to manage the project through completion.


We offer consulting service to self-managed communities with specific needs such as administrative details, CC & R compliance matters or to assist in a meeting of owners or board members. Whatever the need is we can offer as needed consulting service to assist you.

One of the service areas that will be different and new for us will be opening up more of the market in the consulting arena.

Compliance Management

At Sound Community Management we realize that one of the most powerful ways we can be of service to our clients is to help protect and enhance the value. Enforcement of the governing documents and rules can be a tricky/tough position for board members and therefore best handled by an outside entity to communicate and mediate to resolution. Having a professional company representing the board as the third party to communicate and gain compliance to the governing documents positions all parties in a win-win. We then keep the board apprised and offer the sound advice/direction.

Understanding the rules are the first steps towards compliance. We strive to ensure every resident is aware of the guidelines established by their respective community. When rules are violated we will assist in achieving compliance through consistency.

Annual Corporate Meeting

Often times the investment of a home or a condo is one of the largest investments in an investment portfolio. Typically these annual corporate meetings for ownership are held during holiday seasons when you have many things going on. Therefore owners do not attend annual meetings where the corporation updates ownership on important financial positions or maintenance needs. These annual corporation business meetings can have a large effect on your investment. I will be offering a service that can assist in the review of the association records, attend an annual meeting with or on behalf of an owner (proxy) and then submit back a written report summarizing my evaluation as well as any recommendations I may have.

Resale Certificate Review

Another new service will be performing studies of resale certificates for Realtors and Buyers. We review resale certificate and disclosure information (site visit as well if preferred or warrants value) for any community. This review/summary report provides and independent, unbiased evaluation of the provided information. This will provide the buyers details in their investment decision process that matter most.