About Us

Why Sound Community Management?

Sound Community Management is an association management company dedicated to helping communities operate in an efficient and responsive manner. From assisting those who are self managed to professional and project management; each designed to meet the needs of the Association and ensure a well maintained and enhances property values. Our services may be tailored to your Association’s specific needs, as not every association is the same.

Self / Executive Management
Our Executive Management is designed for self managed associations. We provide the right mix of services to include bookkeeping, online payments, board app communication, compliance, governance requirements and more; and yet at very reasonable fees. Our Executive Management services start at $300 a month for smaller condominiums, and average about $380 for a condo of 24.
Full Management
Beyond Executive Manage, our Full Management service provides hands on attention of the property and vendors as required to execute the requirements. Details as agreed, are attended to on a professional and timely basis. This is why we have had an 8+ year average with our full management clients; some beyond 15+ years.
Project Management
Reserve projects or capital projects require a competitive bidding process. We work with the Association in preparation of bid specifications for significant services and projects. We provide guidance and counsel regarding bid review and contractor selection. Once a contractor is selected and the bid is approved by the Board we have the professional experience to manage the project through completion.
There is nothing worse than getting into a management relationship and being disappointed with the services you are receiving. We only know one way to treat a customer; we work to exceed expectations. Our website home page links some Google testimonials.

Rob Garner, Owner

Some of Rob’s work has included managing communities with as few as 6 units to ones as large as a 1500+ unit master planned community in Redmond, Washington. The property spanned over 1000 acres and included a 36,000 sq. foot clubhouse. He managed the Association from the early stages and earned the 2007 Association of the Year Award for Washington State.

After over 25 years of managing associations and running a business, Rob accredits his success to his all-encompassing desire to help people. “When you take the time to build a relationship with your client, whether that means a unit owner or a vendor working for the association, you can truly begin to understand their needs. Acting on their needs in a timely and efficient manner helps garner trust and respect.”

Most recently Rob became involved as a community manager for a multi-state development company with significant numbers of condominiums. This required stopping the development of a personal client base. But, after almost two years he realized this was not the path he wanted to continue to pursue.

This allowed Rob to once again begin to take on new clients and ensure the performance of the work was at a high mark of excellence.

We hope your community will consider us; and we would enjoy the opportunity to explain why Sound Community Management is different.